APC Building Project Updates

As we embark on the construction of APC’s new worship center, we desire to keep you informed along the way. Please refer to this page for ongoing updates and communications. We also have a number of resources and pictures to help bring you along as the project advances.

APC Building Project Updates

Our Story

The Holy Spirit is creating gospel community by powerfully renewing the people of APC, our city, and beyond. God’s purpose for Alexandria Presbyterian Church  sharpens and strengthens with each passing year. For over three decades, He has used our ministry to transform lives through the beauty and truth of His gospel. This gospel growth and fruit is nourished as we open ourselves in new ways to the Savior who purchased us with His blood and covers us with His love. It thrives for the world to see as we discover – and rediscover – the joy that comes from a God who sings over us with delight.

Over the years, God has faithfully provided temporary homes for APC, from the Campagna Center in Old Town Alexandria, to Del Ray Baptist Church, to the miraculous gift of the West Braddock Road Campus. We marveled then, as we do now, at the miraculous hand of God opening doors that seemed not only closed, but bolted shut, time after time.

Today, a new tabernacle is needed for our gospel hub to continue to grow and bear more fruit. After several years of prayer, planning and seeking God’s leading, we believe the time has come to build our first permanent home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is APC constructing a new church building?

Alexandria Presbyterian Church (APC) was founded in 1986 and has ever since been in leased space; first at the Campagna Center on South Washington Street, then at the Community Praise Center on Russell Road, and currently with Del Ray Baptist Church at 2405 Russell Road.  Our current long term lease is due to expire in March of 2022.  During the period of this symbiotic relationship with Del Ray, both churches have grown significantly, and it has become apparent that new accommodations for APC would be desirable for continued growth of both congregations.  After much prayer and discussion, the board of Elders at APC concluded that ownership of its own worship center would best serve the congregation and community.

Why is the existing building at 1300 West Braddock Road being removed?

For many years, the property at 1300 West Braddock Road was owned and occupied by a small independent church, Alexandria Bible Church (ABC).  APC had a close relationship with ABC through pastoral prayer sessions and a combined youth group.  In more recent years, ABC leadership made the decision to dissolve.  In that decision was a desire for the property to remain dedicated to the worship of God and the ABC leadership offered to sell the property to APC.  In the providence of God, this occurred while APC was exploring the options for a new church home either through another lease or through property purchase in Alexandria.  It was determined that the existing ABC church building was too small to accommodate our needs, but that the property could adequately accommodate a new worship center.  It became apparent that God had been preparing us for this exact moment over a number of years.

When is the new worship center expected to be completed?

Our contract the general contractor, Scott-Long Construction (SLC), calls for completion in February of 2022.

What special permits or deviations did APC request from the city?

None.  The project is being constructed fully within the existing zoning restrictions established by the city for that site and neighborhood

What will be the size of the new worship center?

The worship center will have a complete basement and will be about 37,000 square feet with a sanctuary to accommodate a nearly 500 worshipers, 9 offices, a fellowship hall, 16 classrooms (including nursery), and a parking lot for just under 100 vehicles.

“In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world—just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.”

Colossians 1:6

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is not for a building, as valuable as that will be. No, the real purpose resides in what our mighty God will accomplish through a church falling more deeply in love with Jesus and the truth of His gospel each day. Our gospel adventure is far from over. As God’s love permeates, goes deeper within, and flows out from us, it shapes not only us, but our friendships, marriages, families, city, and world. We wait in eager expectation, knowing God will be faithful to bring more multitudes to our tabernacle who will be equipped and sent forth tomorrow, and in the generations to come.

Our new church will not only be designed to reflect the history and character of Alexandria, it will also be uniquely customized for APC’s ministries, providing a worship sanctuary, rooms to support our Sunday education activities, facilities for our robust youth programs, and offices for our staff – a true home for APC. We are trusting God to meet our needs for start-up construction expenses. To break ground, we will require substantial gifts and pledges representing a significant percentage of the building’s projected $13 million cost.

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How You Can Be Open to God’s Leading to Give

As you consider ways to support this important and exciting endeavor, we ask you to first and foremost pray for God’s continued blessing over our church and our lives. Second, please pray for direction in how you can contribute financially.

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Respond Generously

Respond generously, in proportion to God’s blessing and provision. This will look different for each of us. Paul says that gifts are “acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have,” 2 Corinthians 8:12. Always keep in mind that God is interested in our hearts more than the amount we give. He encourages us to have the heart of the widow, whose story of sacrificial giving is recounted in Mark 12:41-44.

Go Beyond

View your gift as a sacrifice above and beyond your normal tithe offerings. One reason we encourage a three-year pledge is to allow the benefit of time to make generous giving possible.

Seek a Commitment to Please God

Seek a commitment pleasing to God. To do this, our faith will likely need to be stretched through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. A few helpful questions to ask: Will the amount require me to trust God in new ways? 2 Corinthians 9:6-8 ·· Does the value reflect my hope of eternal reward more than material things on earth? 1 Timothy 6:19 ·· Is my offering genuinely sacrificial? 2 Samuel 24:24 ·· Does my gift mirror my level of thanksgiving for the ways Christ and APC’s ministry have blessed my life and family? Psalms 54:6

Find Peace

After making a prayerful commitment, look for and anticipate peace from God that surpasses all understanding. This can be experienced in a variety of ways – from a confirming word or circumstance, to a general calm sensing of God’s perfect will – as you continue to walk with Him.

Ready to invest in the vision?

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