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January 23, 2022

Jesus in His Middle Eastern Context

10:30 - 11:30 am Russell Road Campus

Jesus in His Middle Eastern Context, Led by Elder Gary McGee, Room 302/303. Begins January 2. 

This 10-week course will focus on Jesus and the women with whom he interacted, as well as, a selection of His parables. The Gospels and the events they recorded were written in a particular environment that included certain styles, language, morals, and customs specific to their time. To come to a more full understanding of their meaning, those attributes must be considered in the interpretation. Jesus was a metaphorical theologian. His primary method of creating meaning was through metaphor, simile, parable and dramatic action rather than through logic and reasonings.  He created meaning like a dramatist and a poet rather than like a philosopher. To unlock the secrets of His actions, statements and metaphors, we should realize that when taken in the context of the culture in which they were delivered, the gospels can provide new meanings that otherwise would be missed. We must realize further that this is not just the Word of God, but the Word of God spoken to men in history. And finally, we must distinguish what meaning or meanings can be attributable legitimately to the person of Jesus and his teachings.

*The source material for this course will be the scriptures and  “Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes” by Kenneth E. Bailey   


Russell Road Campus
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