Building Project Updates

As we embark on the construction of the new worship center, we desire to keep you informed along the way. Please refer to this page for ongoing updates and communications.

Building Updates

We continue to utilize the services of LeMay Erickson Wilcox Architects, who led the design of our new worship space, and have signed a contract with Scott Long Construction as our General Contractor.

On Friday, February 26th, 2021, the landscape of 1302 Braddock Road changed dramatically as the existing church building was removed from the land on which it stood for so long.  As this church building served congregations faithfully over many years, we pray that Alexandria Presbyterian Church’s new worship sanctuary will do so likewise and even more so abundantly.  Even with the changes to date, the site will continue to be modified as construction progresses. From removal of debris and manse demolition, pouring of the concrete foundation and beginning steel erection, Alexandria Presbyterian Church’s new worship sanctuary will slowly begin to take shape. 

With construction well under way, the contractor continues to have responsibility for and authority over access to the site. A 2 foot high silt fence has been erected around the site to prevent soil runoff and a 6 foot high safety and security fence has been erected to keep unauthorized personnel safely away from construction operations.  Entering the site requires advanced permission and final approval of the site superintendent, which will at least be contingent upon the work activities occurring that day.
Please view the following resources for more general information, and if you have any questions please contact us here. For urgent issues, an APC representative may be reached at (703) 683-3348 ext. 303.

APC Construction Notice

Site Construction Informational Session

Construction Work Update

Anticipated/Ongoing Work (Next few weeks):

Windows.  The windows will be arriving in several shipments.  A group of 25 rectangular windows are currently being installed along the south side of the building.

Parking Lot.  Parking Lot curbing is nearly complete and the lot is being graded.  The lot is scheduled to be paved the week of December 12.

Sidewalks.  Curbing on Roosevelt and sidewalk installation along the street perimeter of the property will be performed over the next few weeks.

Exterior Finish.  Masons will begin exterior brickwork at the beginning of January.

HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing.   Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, electrical conduits and cables, sprinkler piping and potable water lines are all being installed throughout the building and are nearly complete in the lower (basement) and main levels.

Interior Walls.  Installation of interior stud walls constructed of light gauge steel, with thick insulation and covered with 5/8 inch gypsum board is nearly complete on the lower level.  The main and upper levels walls are still in process.

Anticipated Completion Date:  April 2022

Note: Above schedule is subject to change without notice.

Completed Work:

Site preparation.  Demolition of existing structures was completed in late 2020.  General site preparation was completed in February 2021.

Mock-up Panel.  A display of the materials that will be used on the building exterior is located on the east side (Scroggins) of the site. 

Excavation.  Major excavation of the basement was completed on March 30.

Concrete Foundation, Walls, and Concrete Floor Slabs.  The concrete foundation, lower-level walls, and lower level floor were completed June 28. The first and second level concrete floors were completed September 3.

Back Fill.  Back fill is complete except for final grading which will be performed after the masons set the fascia brick.

Structural Steel Erection.  Major structural steel erection was completed in mid-August.  Light gauge steel trusses and sub roof installation were completed in mid-September.

Stairwells.  Construction of the 3rd and final stairwell was completed on October 22.

Exterior Walls.  Exterior steel stud walls, insulated sheathing, and vapor barrier were completed the week of October 24.

Roof.  The building’s weather roof was completed in mid November except for the finished standing seam metal covering which will come later.  The building is now “dried-in”.

Mechanical Units.  The 5 large air-conditioning and air handling units have been installed on two recessed roof areas not visible from the street level.

Utilities.  Water and sewer services have been tied into public utilities, tested, and brought into the site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is APC constructing a new church building?

Alexandria Presbyterian Church (APC) was founded in 1986 and has ever since been in leased space; first at the Campagna Center on South Washington Street, then at the Community Praise Center on Russell Road, and currently with Del Ray Baptist Church at 2405 Russell Road.  Our current long term lease is due to expire in March of 2022.  During the period of this symbiotic relationship with Del Ray, both churches have grown significantly, and it has become apparent that new accommodations for APC would be desirable for continued growth of both congregations.  After much prayer and discussion, the board of Elders at APC concluded that ownership of its own worship center would best serve the congregation and community.

Why is the existing building at 1300 West Braddock Road being removed?

For many years, the property at 1300 West Braddock Road was owned and occupied by a small independent church, Alexandria Bible Church (ABC).  APC had a close relationship with ABC through pastoral prayer sessions and a combined youth group.  In more recent years, ABC leadership made the decision to dissolve.  In that decision was a desire for the property to remain dedicated to the worship of God and the ABC leadership offered to sell the property to APC.  In the providence of God, this occurred while APC was exploring the options for a new church home either through another lease or through property purchase in Alexandria.  It was determined that the existing ABC church building was too small to accommodate our needs, but that the property could adequately accommodate a new worship center.  It became apparent that God had been preparing us for this exact moment over a number of years.

When is the new worship center expected to be completed?

Our contract the general contractor, Scott-Long Construction (SLC), calls for completion in February of 2022.

What special permits or deviations did APC request from the city?

None.  The project is being constructed fully within the existing zoning restrictions established by the city for that site and neighborhood.

What will be the size of the new worship center?

The worship center will have a complete basement and will be about 37,000 square feet with a sanctuary to accommodate a nearly 500 worshipers, 9 offices, a fellowship hall, 16 classrooms (including nursery), and a parking lot for just under 100 vehicles.

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Disclaimer: The work summary provided is intended to broadly and generally inform on the work expected to occur and in no way will dictate the work sequence or timing. As such, the scopes of work referenced will be completed as part of the total scope and the above in no way guarantees the work occurring at a specific time nor within a specific window. All work will be conducted with and compliant to approved permits.