APC-Supported Missionaries Serving Our City and World

African Bible College, Malawi

The chief aim of African Bible Colleges (ABC) is to train young Christian men and women in Africa how to be changemakers in their community, and give them exceptional leadership skills relevant to the context they will be working in. Through its work in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda ABC is committed to proclaiming salvation through Christ alone while perpetuating, uplifting and preserving biblical Christian principles.

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Assist Pregnancy Center

Assist Pregnancy Center is a Christ-centered non-profit clinic working “to encourage, educate, and empower women and men to make life-giving decisions for themselves and their unborn children. Through the provision of free medical services, pregnancy options counseling, fatherhood coaching, parenting education, discipleship programs, post-abortion counseling, and practical assistance, Assist comes alongside abortion-vulnerable individuals to affirm life and share the hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Located in Annandale, their burden is to reach more of the over 21,000 women in the community choosing abortion annually, sparing hearts and lives from the pain of abortion.

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B2THE WORLD, Ben & Susie Thomas

Co-founded by Ben and Susie Thomas in 2017, B2THEWORLD is a “for-impact, education organization that seeks the fullness of life for the future of every child impacted by war.” With a heart for the unreached, the experience of leading a Christ-centered educational institution in Rwanda, and all that God taught them through the impossibility of seeing Him heal Susie of a brain tumor, Ben and Susie are poised to take the vision of B2THEWORLD to many more conflict ridden countries.

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Casa Chirilagua

Casa Chirilagua is “a community of people learning together to love their neighbors as themselves in a Latino neighborhood of Alexandria.” They are a Christian faith-based not-for-profit that seeks to develop relationships with families to see the Chirilagua neighborhood transformed by Christ. Investing in long-term relationships, they remain involved in people’s lives for as long as they permit. All programs emerge from the context of relationships with families and their children.

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Cru, Leslie Bridge
Leadership Development Team Regional Training Director

Long-time APC member, Leslie Bridge, has been serving with Cru since 1979. “As a Physical Education major in college, one of my dreams has always been to be a coach. I never imagined so much of what I would be doing would be coaching others in the spiritual dimension of life and how this influences every area of life. I have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel message with thousands of students, trusting God to capture their hearts, transform their lives and send them into a life-long adventure with Jesus.”  As the Regional Training Director, she oversees the training of all new staff, interns, and part-time staff in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Leslie primarily focuses on the coaching, training and equipping those who implement the training on each campus.

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Engineering Ministries International, Henry & Erika Watts

Henry and Erika are former APC members (1999-2004) who left Alexandria to join EMI. EMI “provides architectural and engineering design services to missionaries working in developing countries, who are preaching the Gospel and ministering to the poor.” They design projects such as hospitals, orphanages, schools, water systems, and churches all over the world.  The Watts are uniquely suited to this type of ministry at EMI because Erika is a landscape architect and Henry is a structural engineer. Henry currently serves as the Executive Director of EMI USA, overseeing US operations. To learn more, click here.

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For The Nations DC (FTNDC)

For the Nations DC is a nonprofit ministry serving English language learners with the mission “to offer hope and help to immigrant families through quality adult English instruction, early childhood education, cultural navigation, and connection to community resources.” Founded in 2018 by Pastor Chris Sicks, this organization has grown to serve students from all over the world at their various locations across the Northern VA area. Whether it is teaching a student to read for the first time, sharing a meal together, or helping someone navigate life in the United States; FTNDC unashamedly proclaims the gospel as the only hope of healing for the brokenness we all experience.

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Harvest USA

Harvest USA “brings the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ by helping individuals and families affected by sexual struggles and by providing resources that address biblical sexuality to individuals and churches.” This ministry grew out of serving individuals impacted by the AIDS crisis in Philadelphia in the 1980’s.  Now, the purpose is “to partner with and equip the Church in bringing the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of those affected by sexual sin.”

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Keith and Nahla

The majority of people in the Middle East do not follow Jesus. Many have never even heard of His name. Keith and Nahla have toiled in this difficult area for many years. From providing food and blankets to the poor to discipling and training new believers, their aim is to make Christ known in everything they do. Please pray for them as they labor among the lost. To learn more, please contact Pastor Josh Diack.


The Market Project (TMP)

The Market Project (TMP) was founded by long time APC member Dorothy Taft and other like minded individuals who saw the critical gap in the aftercare of trauma survivors. TMP’s mission is to “build sustainable businesses and create workplaces that are transformative and dignity-affirming for survivors of complex trauma.” Nguvu Dairy in northern Uganda is the first trauma-informed business established by TMP and Lord willing many more are forthcoming.

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Mission to North America, Jim Hatch

With church planting still the single most effective evangelism method, the need for Godly, capable church planters is enormous. Jim has over 50 years of ministry experience and travels extensively to identify and invest in potential church planters. Further, he visits seminaries regularly, speaking and engaging with seminary students about ministry and church planting in addition to conducting Church Planting Readiness Seminars on campuses. Mission to North America is the home missions arm of the Presbyterian Church in America and, while focused primarily on enabling the PCA to start new churches, MNA assists the churches and presbyteries of the PCA in a broad array of ministries such as English as a Second Language (ESL), Disaster Relief, Special Needs Ministry, and Ministry to State.

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Mission to the World Japan (MTW), Dan & Carol Iverson

The Iversons arrived in Japan (the world’s second largest unreached people group) in 1986 with five children as missionaries with MTW. After years of faithful presence and kingdom focused prayer, several churches were planted and eventually the Tokyo/Chiba Presbytery was born. It now has about 850 worshippers in 19 congregations. By God’s grace, the one mission team has expanded to four teams in the Tokyo area with more than 50 ministry partners from around the world. Now the vision is to see a church-planting movement throughout Japan. Dan and Carol now serve as the Tokyo/Chiba team leaders and MTW Japan Director.

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Mission to the World Asia (MTW), Tim and Huilan

Tim and Huilan have been ministering in East Asia for many years. As persecution of Christians becomes increasingly more common, the need for creative seminary education and discipleship of believers in this East Asian context grows. Please pray for Tim and Huilan to continue to meet these ever changing challenges with grace and creativity. To learn more please contact Pastor Josh Diack.

Mission to the World Europe (MTW), Satoshi and Cally

Millions of immigrants/refugees from worn war-torn and poverty stricken areas flock to Europe in search of hope, safety, and a better life. Satoshi and Cally have strategically placed themselves in a coastal town region in Southern Europe where many of these migrants arrive and some continue to travel to their desired destination countries now call home. They creatively share the hope of the G***** through mercy ministry, friendship discussions at coffee/literature stands, art classes and B**** studies, in the area where the migrants live on the streets, as well as, in their majority muslim neighborhood. To learn more about this important work please contact Pastor Josh Diack.

Project Paraguay

Project Paraguay was founded by Pastor Joel Acevedo in 1997. This initial church plant has now grown from a few people into an entire Presbytery! This organization exists to “support Paraguayans planting Christ-focused churches that provide material aid, education, counseling, and loving evangelism to suffering communities.” There is also a school in an impoverished area that gives children the opportunity to break the generational cycle of poverty and brokenness. To learn more about how you can sponsor a child at this school or more about Project Paraguay in general, click here.

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RUF-International: Matt DeLong

God is at work and has brought more international students to college campuses in the United States than to any other nation. RUF International responds to God’s work and obeys God’s Word by welcoming students from all nations and equipping kingdom ambassadors for Christ’s worldwide church.  Whether through Bible studies, local outings, or Dinner & Discussions on Fridays; Matt DeLong and his wife Sherrene seek to reflect God’s grace to an international audience while serving at George Mason University.

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Sanctity of Life Ministries

Sanctity of Life Ministries exists “to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and affirm life in the womb. They fulfill this mission by offering compassionate support, education and medical services to those who face challenging sexual health decisions.” SLM provides the following services:  pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, medical consultations, prenatal education, peer counseling, individual post abortion counseling, a post abortion recovery bible study, and parenting classes. There are currently two medical clinics that offer free and confidential counseling and services within a compassionate setting.

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Serge, Chris & Josephine Hatch

Chris and Josephine have been in various different roles with Serge since leaving for England as church planters in a primarily South Asia suburb of London in 2005. Chris and Josepine now serve in a dual role with Serge: (1) Regional Supervisor in the UK overseeing several teams, including the church plant they were apart of in Shepherds Bush and (2) Area Specialists for Contextualization and Culture supporting the mission and vision of Serge as a multicultural community called into cross-cultural missions

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Serge, Meredith and Sandy Elder

The Elder’s have been engaged in missional activities across the globe for many decades now. They have lived and worked in places like Hungary and Austria. In 2002, they returned to the US where Meredith now serves as the Associate Team Leader of the Member Care team which seeks to provide the resources and care the personnel need to work overseas. Sandy is involved in providing spiritual direction and care for several overseas staff. To learn more, click here.

Training Leaders International, Bruce and Kye Forsee

Bruce and Kye have dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel near and far. Bruce pastored Alexandria Bible Church (the property on which APC now stands), served on pastoral staff at APC, and now teaches and trains global church leaders through TLI.  The mission of TLI is “to train pastors and leaders around the world, partnering with local leaders who have invited us to provide theological training pastors and leaders desperately need.” This work frequently takes Bruce to places like Togo, Brazil, Asia, Serbia, and Liberia.

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Young Life International, Carrie Olson Brown

Carrie Brown and her husband Matt and daughter Millie have been longtime APC members. Carrie currently serves as the Divisional Training Coordinator with Young Life International Northern Division. Her primary focus is to ensure that each staff person is well equipped and trained to reach kids in their communities so that teens can hear about Christ and have an opportunity to respond to Him. Carrie helps to set training standards and coordinates training events for YL leaders around the world, particularly in Europe, the Caribbean, and various other locations in the Northern Hemisphere. Carrie has served with Young Life since 1994. To learn more, click here.

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