Developing a New Curriculum

Sonship was developed by Jack, Paul, and Rosemary Miller many years ago. This ministry had a profound impact on my wife, Sharon, and I (Pastor Tom), so much so that we offered this ministry to our church for 28 years.

In the past several years the Lord has clearly led me to begin developing a new curriculum which we call “Walking in the Spirit”. My passion has been to grow in my understanding and experience of the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit in new ways, both in my own life as well as in our congregation. This new course has taken the place of the Sonship discipling ministry in our church and we are excited to offer this course to our congregation.

Join us for our next Walking in the Spirit class.

Walking in the Spirit takes place once a week each spring. The format includes teaching and small groups with a primary emphasis on growing in our walking in the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:16). In other words, how do we take so much biblical truth stored in our heads yet actually begin living it out in ways we have not before?

We hope that you will consider joining us for this journey of Walking in the Spirit!

“God sent his Son into this world to give us the status of Sonship; God sent his Holy Spirit so that we would have the experience of our Sonship.”

J. I. Packer

The Challenge We All Face

Are we experiencing all that God intends for us in walking in the light of gospel truth for which Jesus died in order for us to experience his Spirit’s empowering so that we might actually live in a different way in this world?