We connect, encourage, support, and equip men.

Through Christ-centered worship, prayer, Bible study, teaching, and fellowship — to fulfill God’s call on their lives to impact their family, community, the nation, and the world. We strive to open ourselves up to the transforming power of the Gospel, encouraging one another to glorify God at home, at church, at work, in our neighborhoods, and throughout the world.

Men’s Ministry Fellowship Opportunities


Men’s Retreat – May 3-5

The APC Men’s Retreat will be held May 3-5 at picturesque Massanetta Springs just outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia, a leisurely 2.5 hour drive. It will be a weekend of fellowship and fun, and we will explore the theme of Gospel Joy in large and small group gatherings throughout the weekend, culminating in a worship service before we depart on Sunday. We will officially begin Friday evening with our own private cook out at approximately 6pm. Everyone is encouraged to arrive by 5pm, if possible. For more details and to register, click here.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Gatherings

These gatherings (held 3-4 times per year) provide opportunities for the unique fellowship among the men of APC and present men with challenging and inspiring topics designed to help them grow in grace.

Special Excursions

Excursions are mainly about fellowship among the brethren but we also believe that these outings can be very instructive in terms of learning more about some of the Godly men and women who have shaped (and continue to shape) our Nation’s history. We live in a unique area with a variety of museums and historical attractions in our “backyard.” APC is also blessed to have men with unique experiences and insights into aspects of our nation’s history and institutions.

Bible Studies & Counseling

Lifeline Ministry

Every man wrestles with a sexuality in need of redemption. And, with sexual brokenness, the stakes are as high as they possibly can be: marriage, family, friendships, finances, career…and most significantly, our faith. As we’ll discover, sex is about worship, so rebellion in this area speaks volumes about the depth, maybe even the reality, of our faith. In this ministry, men are invited to a safe, confidential setting to study, talk, and pray for each other, as we seek to live in the hope of the gospel, and in reliance upon the strengthening power of the Spirit.


Walking in the Spirit

A 10-week forum typically held starting in January of each year with teaching and small groups where the primary emphasis is on growing in our walking in the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:16) Addresses the practical issue of how we take the biblical truth stored in our heads and actually begin living it out in ways we have not before. Learn more…

Discipleship & Mentoring

Discipleship is not a separable “program”, as such; nor is it a higher “class” or “tier” of Christianity. Rather, it is part of our journey of sanctification, as believers, and can take many forms as each of us are discipled by fellow believers and, in turn, disciple others. Our goal for this ministry is that it be one more avenue for discipleship — taking advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by men sharing with men and seeking to help one another in living lives devoted to Christ, with a sensitivity to the Spirit, thereby striving to be men of character, producing much fruit. Walking in the Spirit will be the principal access point for this aspect of APC’s Men’s Ministry, building on the relationships established during that course.

CS Lewis Institute

Opportunities also exist to participate in a one-year program through the CS Lewis institute, which includes meeting in a mentoring relationship. A further “on-ramp” is provided by pairing disciplers with men who wish to be discipled. Training and equipping will be offered for those who wish to be participate in this ministry. Please contact Elder Jim Taft or Pastor Josh Diack  if you wish to be discipled or are willing to serve as a discipler.

Join a Fellowship Group

Many men can testify to the benefit of being part of a CFG. We learn that the grace of the Holy Spirit who brings us into fellowship with Christ and deepens this fellowship also calls us to live out this grace and love among one another as his body in tangible ways. In fact, the way we live toward one another is a good indicator of the vitality of our fellowship with Christ (John 13:35). We have a number of groups around the city and on various nights of the week.

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