We connect, encourage, support, and equip women.

Our goal is to equip women to: live according to God’s Word, rejoice in the gospel, and invest in meaningful relationships. We seek to glorify God through serving Him at home, church, and throughout the world. We invite women to pursue a deeper relationship with God so that they will be better equipped for life and service in a way that strengthens and extends the Kingdom as expressed in the mission of Alexandria Presbyterian Church.

We would love to hear from you or answer any questions you may have about APC Women’s Ministry. Please contact our leaders Lynn Streett or Staci Root at [email protected]

Women’s Ministry Fellowship Opportunities

Ladies Bible Studies

The Thursday Women’s Bible studies will kick off their new study on the book of Acts on February 10. After much prayer and consultation, we have decided to delay the start of the Thursday Bible Study until February 10. It is hoped that we will be able to meet in person at that time. The Thursday evening class, though it regularly meets on Zoom, will be postponed until that date as well. As we continue with our theme of Christ’s love and purpose for His church, we will be starting a new study on the book of Acts, using Warren Wiersbe’s book “Acts, Put Your Faith Where the Action Is”. The Thursday morning class will meet in the chapel, from 9:45-11:30am. Childcare is provided. The evening class meets from 8-9:15pm, via Zoom. Please contact Lynn Streett at [email protected] to let her know if you will need childcare for the morning class, or the Zoom link for the evening class. 

Friday morning women’s Bible study meets every other week from 9:45 –11:30am. We are studying Hebrews using study questions written by Nancy Guthrie.  We meet outdoors on the front porch area of the building and in the Chapel when the weather necessitates.  This study does not provide childcare.  However, we can reserve a room for homeschoolers.  Please contact Ruth Fisher [email protected] to let her know you are coming and if there is a need for the homeschooling room.


What is Lent?  A part of the church calendar, Lent is the 40 days prior to Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday (March 2nd this year), when many Christians spend time focusing on preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and all that has meant not only to themselves but to the world as a whole.  There is much to ponder:  sin, repentance, and the glorious grace shown to us and won for us by Christ’s willingness to go to the cross in our stead.  And of course, the resurrection which guarantees new, everlasting life for all who place their trust in Christ’s atoning death.  Much to ponder!

There are many different ways to journey through the 40 days of Lent.  Some will give up something dear to them (social media, a particular food or habit) in order to help sharpen their focus on Christ.  Some will commit to praying daily at a particular time, or reading through a particular book of Scripture. Some will use Lenten devotionals to help them meditate on Who Christ is and what He has done for them.  There are many ways to approach Lent.

We pray you will consider slowing down during the 40 days of Lent, spending time preparing for Easter’s celebration. We think you will be blessed!

We are including a smattering of resources that are available to you, along with a testimonial from Leslie Bridge about the impact that going through a devotional with a friend had on her.

From Leslie Bridge:
“Have you ever been a part of a group that has read a book together, like a book club or small group? You read the book, you enjoy it, and you conclude there isn’t much more to learn from it. Yet, when you come together with others to talk about it, share what you loved about the book or insights from the storyline, you are amazed at how much more the book has been opened to you, because others saw things you didn’t. I am so grateful for the many opportunities I have had to read books and discuss them with others.

Last year as we were approaching the Lenten Season, I was asking the Lord what He might want me to do during this time. I have done a few different things, which has even included writing a poem or two to the Lord. It so happened that I bought a new Lenten book by Paul David Tripp called, Journey to the Cross. It is a 40-day Lenten Devotional. As I was looking at this book and the questions after each devotion, I sensed the Lord was saying to do it with someone.

I asked one of my friends to go through this with me. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but we did decide to meet once a week and talk about what we were seeing and learning. I have to say, the things we shared with one another about our journey through the book have stayed with me. The questions drew us into knowing the Lord more deeply and as we discussed our answers, we grew deeper in our relationship. You can still hear me talking about and praying about some of the things we talked about during our journey together.

If you are one of those people that does something through the season of Lent, this might be something you could consider. As I mentioned before, there are many things to do during this season of preparation and there are many devotionals out there and maybe you might just want to journey with someone during the season of Lent.”


APC Women’s Reading in Community – Summer 2021

Speaker Kim Greene from The Barnabus Center joined the APC women for a virtual evening looking at Matthew 11:25 -30. Click below to watch her talk!

An Evening with Kim Greene Video

Kristi McLelland spoke to APC ladies about her new Bible study from Lifeway, “Jesus and Women in the First Century and Now”. Below you’ll find the link to Kristi’s time with us, as well as access to the video teaching that goes along with her study

Kristi McLelland Resources

Please click on the link below for a meditation that we pray will be an encouragement to your hearts.

A Love Letter for the New Year

APC Women Read in Community from Summer 2020: “Come and Feast” series!

Come and Feast

Feasting on a God who Is

Feasting on the Righteousness of God

Feasting on Community

Feasting on Hope

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CFGs are a great way to grow in Gospel-centered community and deepen your faith through intentional conversations and Bible study.

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